Security Report

Reporting New Security Problems with Apache HugeGraph

Adhering to the specifications of ASF, the HugeGraph community maintains a highly proactive and open attitude towards addressing security issues in the remediation projects.

We strongly recommend that users first report such issues to our dedicated security email list, with detailed procedures specified in the ASF SEC code of conduct.

Please note that the security email group is reserved for reporting undisclosed security vulnerabilities and following up on the vulnerability resolution process. Regular software Bug/Error reports should be directed to Github Issue/Discussion or the HugeGraph-Dev email group. Emails sent to the security list that are unrelated to security issues will be ignored.

The independent security email (group) address is:

The general process for handling security vulnerabilities is as follows:

  • The reporter privately reports the vulnerability to the Apache HugeGraph SEC email group (including as much information as possible, such as reproducible versions, relevant descriptions, reproduction methods, and the scope of impact)
  • The HugeGraph project security team collaborates privately with the reporter to discuss the vulnerability resolution (after preliminary confirmation, a CVE number can be requested for registration)
  • The project creates a new version of the software package affected by the vulnerability to provide a fix
  • At an appropriate time, a general description of the vulnerability and how to apply the fix will be publicly disclosed (in compliance with ASF standards, the announcement should not disclose sensitive information such as reproduction details)
  • Official CVE release and related procedures follow the ASF-SEC page

Known Security Vulnerabilities (CVEs)

HugeGraph main project (Server/PD/Store)

HugeGraph-Toolchain project (Hubble/Loader/Client/Tools/..)